Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finished the Y, starting the X Frame


Picked up the nuts I needed to finish assembling the Y Carriage. Before I slap on the the heatbed, I have to install a thermistor to read the temperature. Didn't realize I had to buy that separately so I need to make another purchase order. Damn. 

3DPrintMi - X Idler
X Idler ver 2
Decided to make a last minute change to the X idler. I scrapped the idea of having to insert the Z nut from the middle to the bottom instead. That way, I can just lift the X frame without having to screw it off.

X Idler ver 3

Moved the Z nut housing up so that the nut can be at the center.

Starting to print the X Idler


Starting the X motor

Forgot to take pics of the completed X motor but I carried away and started assembling as soon as it finished.

Ahhh yeaaa. When I was installing the X frame, some of the ball bearings kept falling out of the linear bearings which was pissing me off. They are so tiny that I had to pick them up with tweezers.