Thursday, June 27, 2013

Build Log #31 - 3DPrintMi's printing spree

 My 3DPrintMi printing out a tree frog by MorenaP

 Tree Frog was printed at .127mm layer height.

Tree Frog 

Tree Frog 

Tree Frog 

Tree Frog 

Tree Frog 

Tree Frog comparison 

Tree Frog comparison

Layer Height = .1905mm




Twistlet closeup

Layer Height = .1905


Eckstruder closeup

Eckstruder surface

Been printing with the Sainsmart 1.75mm ABS black and it's really not that bad. I can't really tell the difference between the Makerbot's filament and the Sainsmart so this might be my new source for filament. However, the cardboard spool has been giving me a headache lately.  The cardboard is so thin that it tends to get caught between the bearing and the spool holder causing it to derail itself. This happened three times already, wasting 6 hours of print time and a chunk of good plastic.
After a few cuss words here and there, I thought up of a way to keep the spool rolling without being obstructed. Fired up the CAD and quickly drew out this attachment piece for the cardboard spool. The attachment is inserted on both sides of the spool, each with their own 608 bearing and a rod going through the middle. Prop it up and you got yourself a floating spool. I'll eventually design a truss to hold the rods up but this should do for now.

why sainsmart why!?
Dismounted spool

First failed print

Second failed print

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Build Log #30 - Rapid print session and misc stuff

After completing my assembly guide on, I wasn't expecting to be featured at all and it garnered a lot of attention around the world.  Thank you so much instructables for doing that! I've been responding to a lot of emails during my week long vacation and had a few request to print a set for them.  I figured I should sell some printed parts due to such high demand for them. I really hoped other reprappers would catch on and print a few sets too. If you're still having trouble finding someone to print a set, contact me and I can give you a quote!

Glass switching
I spent some time figuring out how I was going to print a few sets quickly and efficiently with only one printer. My Printrbot+ only uses 3mm and it's natural color so I didn't want to mix the colors up. One thing I thought about was figuring out how to streamline the print process. A print session usually requires me coating the print area with hairspray/elmers glue, printing, wait for print to cool, clean coating off and reapply. To counter this, I decided to purchase another boriscillate glass so that the moment a print is done, I can swap in a new one and start a new print while I wait for the prints to cool, clean the bed again and setup for the next print session.
Print cooling off with Hairspray and Elmers glue stick combo
The hairspray + elmers glue stick combo I've been using. I haven't had any of my prints curl for the past 3 months and it's been working great. I never got to see the parts from the bottom and was fun watching it shrink and pop off the glass bed.
Print popped off without scraping
Popped off right when it cools down. No more knifing that stuff out.

Close call 
3DPrintMi's printed set
11 print sessions in 2.5 days for a full set. Not bad, especially on a 152mm x 152mm print bed.

SainSmart 1.75mm spool
I took a gamble and purchased this 1.75mm filament off amazon for $31.  It came in a cardboard spool which didn't really bother me, as long as the filament doesn't unravel during a print then it's all gravy. Not sure who sainsmart  is but it's time to put you to the test!
Printrbot Jr/Bukito frame experimentation
Did some experimenting with my first prototype by messing around with the parts to resemble a Printrbot Jr/Bukito. After playing around with it, I don't think this will work. The linear bearings tends to flex whenever I press down on the X gantry so they are not the best application for this setup. The Z linear bearings would need to be stiff, maybe something like a polymer bearing or maybe bushings.

The next thing I'm going to try is to expand the frame to accommodate a 200mm x 200mm hot plate. This would definitely speed things up in printing out sets and I hope it will work. I think I have a few ideas how to make that happen.....stay tuned! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Build Log #29 - Assembly Guide complete

Finally finished the assembly guide to build the 3DPrintMi. It took longer than I thought it would but it should give you enough information in assembling. Happy printing everyone!