Monday, January 21, 2013

The Power of CAD

Finished drawing the preliminary design of my 3D printer. It's nice to have a CAD program that let's you visualize the final product. The design will change overtime so I guess I should consider this as version 1.0  I will start printing out the Y Carriage sometime this week. The Z rod holders may need to be beefed up a bit so I may revisit that later on.

My heat bed and the Printrboard finally came in the mail this past Friday. Made a few changes to the Y Carriage since the heat bed I had modeled was wrong but that was easy to fix.  I redesigned the Y Carriage making it slimmer and more robust. Instead of using 8mm threaded rods, I sized it down to 6mm threaded rods (or 1/4" equivalent) since it was a bit over-sized for such a small printbed.

3DPrintMi - CAD
Y Carriage assembled