Sunday, February 3, 2013

Printing the last two parts!

After spending about 5 hours printing both the X motor and idler, it was time to print out the last two pieces of the puzzle, the X carriage and extruder mount.

I initially wanted to have both parts to be as one so I can cut down on the print job but realized that would limit me to one type of extruder to use. I plan on using the QU-BD extruder I had lying around but I hear it's really finicky to use. If it were to give me a hard time, I would want to switch to a Wade style extruder. By having them separated,  I can change the orientation of the extruder mount.

Wade/J Head Mount

QU-BD mount

Halfway through the print job.

Hot and fresh from the bakery

Insert captive nuts

Does it fit?
It fits nicely!

Starting the extruder mount

Skipped to the finished print

After a quick test fit, everything lines up. The M3 bolts I had aren't long enough to reach the captive nuts, just 5mm too short. Home Depot doesn't carry any M3 bolts so I need to make another McMaster order. Bummer.

It is slowly coming together