Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rapid Evolution

The mutant bot has been chugging out prints without any problems and I'm surprised how well the QU-BD turned out to be. After putting 12+ hours into it, I haven't experienced any jams or filament shredding. The prints are coming out so nice that its on par with my highly tuned Printrbot+ if not better. The machine doesn't wobble as crazy as I thought it would be but it's turning out to be a solid machine right from the get go.

Motor couplings

Motor a different angle!

The motor couplings came out nice. They should be able to fit acme rods perfectly but I want to try using M6 rods as my lead drive. 

Had a guest over who wanted to see my 3d printer in action. Instead of firing up my Printrbot+, I figured it was a good opportunity for the mutant to print and demo. Never printed a bracelet before but it came out nice!
Twistlet by barney

Already started redesigning the mutant, starting with the first two parts I designed for the original; the Y Idler and Y Motor. The big change was slotting the threaded rod mounts. It was a pain in the ass sliding the parts through 4 threaded rods and I always end up cutting my finger during the process. 

Y Idler
I changed the pulley idler mount to a simpler top mount. Even with a thicker base from 6mm to 8mm, I was able to reduce the volume by 19.25%

Y Motor
The motor mount remained the same as before but with the slotted threaded rod mounts and thicker base. That alone reduced the volume by 14.7%

The next part to redesign will be the Z motor mounts. I also been thinking about adding a duct fan to deal with the overhangs. With the QU-BD extruder, I have very little clearance to work with so I'm going to experiment with this fan duct idea I have in mind.