Monday, March 25, 2013

CAD assembling and review

Got some work done on my printer, most of that time was spent putting all the revised parts into an assembly. I also started to add every nuts and bolts into the assembly so I can get an accurate part count and give me an easier time to build a BOM. I also plan to do a quick study on the ratio of printed parts vs. non-printed parts once I finalized everything. 

X Motor ver2
X Pulley Idler ver2
Frame Brace
Y Pulley
Y Motor
Z Mount
Y Carriage
Partial assembly of the revised bot

Well, hit another problem with the Y Carriage. The 2nd version I designed turned out to be way too high and I won't be able to mount the pulleys unless I add something long to clamp which I'm reluctant to do. After much brainstorming and doodling in my notebook, I came up with a different design but would require me to print vertically but it shouldn't be a problem. Back to the drawing board.

Printed out the Torture Test part to see how it would turn out. To be honest, it looks like shit and was hoping it would turn out better. I really think Slic3r goes full retard sometimes, adding unnecessary travels and goofy perimeter paths. I need to play with my retraction settings due to get rid of those pimples. Bridging came out alright but could work on it some more. Tolerance range from .05 to .2 which isn't bad at all. Brim + hairspray + glue stick really makes it stick to the HBP so no need to worry about curling at the base.