Sunday, March 10, 2013

The evolution continues

Z Mount front side
Not much was done to the Z mount. Slotted the mount holes and added fillets for additional support. Also changed the thickness of the base from 8mm to 12mm since there was a slight flex when I applied a perpendicular force at the top of the Z rods. 

Z Mount back side
Increased the Z rod housing further down so the Z rod would have more contact with the base. This would also reduce the torque enacted at the top of the part and spread it out more evenly.

Y Carriage redesign
The Y carriage was original design to be printed out, ideally, on a 152mm x 152mm heat-bed. However, that's never the case depending how your heat-bed is setup. Since I'm using boriscillate glass, I need to use binder clips to hold it down which decreases the print area slightly but enough to make this print a tough one where it might not even fit to begin with. Looking at the possibility of making it even more miniscule, using 6mm bolts to hold it together. This is still in the works but I'm reluctant in using a piece of wood as my printbed.