Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mock print test....

A few days ago, I changed my mind about using the printed timing pulleys and instead purchased two high quality, 16 teeth GT2 pulleys. Even though the pulleys I printed came out real nice, I kept reading online that I shouldn't skimp on the timing pulleys. As much as I wanted to cut down on the cost of this project, I really didn't want to deal with belts skipping and inaccurate prints.

GT2 Pulleys and belts from Lulzbot

Installing belts on the Y Carriage
Belts installed on the Y carriage. I manage to cut my finger somehow during the process. It was a pain the ass to put these on. I'm going to think of a better way to mount the belt on my design iteration.
Installing GT2 on the Y Carriage
GT2 pulleys. Didn't realize how tiny they are.
Belts on the X carriage.
Ready for a mock print test
I think it's ready for a mock print test
The brain of the printer, the Printrboard.

Father & Son

It's alive!