Monday, February 11, 2013

Mounting the extruder

Title says it all. I'm using the QU-BD extruder I backed on a kickstarter project. It's basically a clone of the Makerbot's MK7 for 1/6 of the price. Not bad. It's been sitting around for months since I couldn't figure out a way to mount it on my Printrbot properly. Mostly because the "Universal Mount" that came with it wasn't very useful at all.

CAD file made by Coelestinian here
Most reprap machines use the Wade Extruder, a geared filament driver. The standard distance between the two mounting holes are 50mm apart. The problem with the Universal Mount is that the holes are 57mm apart. Not sure what QUBD team were thinking but this really stopped me dead on my tracks from using it. Really didn't want to give up on this extruder yet and was ready do anything to make it work.

Mounting the QUBD Extruder

Tried to drill out two new holes thinking that would solve the problem but later realized that the mount was made out of stainless steel. I hate working with stainless steel. I always had a hard time drilling through stainless steel since it's tough to get the drill bit to catch. Well I tried anyways and after 30 minutes, all I got was two small craters. Decided to dremel the crap out of it instead, turning the holes into a straight slot. Problem solved.

QUBD Extruder Front View

QU-BD extruder ready to go. Swapped the filament guide with mickb's extruder mod and hobbed the Raptor filament driver with a 3mm tap to provide extra grip. 

Waiting for the spool to arrive.