Monday, April 22, 2013

Build Log #23 - Printing Complete, Grandson in the making

Haven't been able to focus in writing a build log since the last entry, it's been one hell of week here in Boston but it's all over now. Props to all the law enforcement personnel in ending that ordeal. RIP to the four victims that passed away, hoping all the best for Texas and everyone else around the globe.

This build log marks the completion of the second set of printed parts for another printer!  The mutant, no-name printer just gave birth to a son or, in retrospect, the Printrbot plus' grandson. 

I managed to increase the build area from 120mm x 120mm to 140mm x 140mm by re-positioning the smooth rods, X Frame and end-stops, giving it ability to print the Y carriage without a problem. Self replication is definitely possible without the need for a complex print bed assembly.
Y Carriage
Both Y Carriage A & B. Need to figure a better way to mount the belt to the Y Carriages.
X Carriage, Y Carriage, Adjustable Z endstop and Z Stabilizers
X Carriage, Y Carriage, Adjustable Z endstop and Z Stabilizers
Y Frame with Z Motor/Leadscrew housing.
Missing one endstop, used it on my mutant bot to extend the print bed area.
The whole set! Grandson half done. It has proven itself to be a true RepRap machine.

The BOM for this build is almost complete, going to check through the list to see if I'm missing anything.  I've been documenting this print set, tallying print time and filament usage. The results/notes are shown below as follows:

Total print time: About 30 hours @ 50mm/s perimeter and 100mm/s infill, 1500mm/s^2 acceleration. 
- Total plastic usage: 369 grams of ABS plastic
- Total printed parts: 33 
- Total Vitamins: 315
- Estimated percentage in plastic parts to vitamin: 56/44
- Estimated Cost: $450 or less


- Layer Height: .1905mm
- 60% infill 
- Only hairspray with Elmer's glue-stick on bare boriscillate glass, NO KAPTON TAPE.
- QU-BD's MBE Extruder v9 with modified raptor drive gear and 608 extruder mod
- 1.75m black m ABS from Makerbot.
- Fully metric.

So what's next? Well, I'm going to build the printer but instead, have someone else to build it from the ground up. I want to see if a less experience person can put this guy together, calibrate and start printing in one day. This will be a hard challenge to tackle, putting together a concise instruction manual that's easy to read.