Friday, July 5, 2013

Build Log #32 - Gada Prize Bronze Medalist!

Wow! I never thought my RepRap would become a Bronze Medalist for the Uplift Prize aka Gada Prize. I'm still pretty stoked about it. My RepRap machine was initially just a side project to me but it quickly turned into a Gada Prize worthy contestant. 3DPrintMi was up against two awesome machines, the RepRap Morgan and RepRap Simpson, and I was very impressed with them. They are both unique in their own rights with ingenuity and pure awesomeness. Morgan eventually took the win while the Simpson placed second. Congratulations to both of you!

I still plan on developing the 3DPrintMi even further. I'm currently working on an attachment that will enable the 3DPrintMi to mount a 200mm x 200mm heat bed. I'm still sticking to my guns by going fully printable and no pre-fab parts because that's the RepRap way.

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