Friday, August 16, 2013

Build Log #36 - New Kid on the Block!

Been helping a fellow reprapper in getting his 3DPrintMi up and running. Not only that, he's literally the first person to build my machine! 

Congratulation Luisimomaximo!

Luisimomaximo 3DPrintMi

It's an odd but awesome feeling that the 3DPrintMi resides somewhere other than my room. Looks great!

The 3DPrintMi Plus is done! The E3D Hotend is working way better than the QU-BD with no sign of blockage with PLA *knock on wood*. Still have to try using ABS but I don't see why it wouldn't work. The forced convection really helps in minimizing heat creep. Further testing is still needed but I'm feeling pretty confident with the E3D. The Direct Drive is also working without any hiccups but I'm keeping an eye on the filament in case it starts buckling. 

Introducing 3DPrintMi Plus!

Ready to be clamped down

Extruding 1.75mm PLA.

Hoping the filament won't buckle here. I should just add a cylinder in the next revision to guide it the hotend.