Friday, May 31, 2013

Build Log #28 - 3DPrintMi released, future development

It's done! After 6 months of development, I have released my reprap machine out to the wild and wish to see it elsewhere around the world! The assembly guide is still in the works but I have all the pictures arranged in an orderly fashion, just need to write in the instructions for clarity and that's about it.

For the past 6 months, I couldn't figure out a good name for my reprap and I probably have 3 pages of words, names and acronyms. Every name I came up with was either taken or just lame. With the help of my girlfriend, I finally settled down in calling my reprap, 3DPrintMi. Pronounced as "3D Print Me", the acronym stands for "Print. Make. Innovate." I think this name captures the spirit I displayed when I was designing, improving and building my reprap printer and how addicting it can be to print another set. Actually, I'm printing another one right now haha. 

Printing another 3DPrintMi

I have a few things that I want to work on. I'm thinking of experimenting with Bowden extruder setup again since the last time I tried it on my Printrbot+, I wasn't that impressed with how it performed. I'll give it another go.

Another thing I want to explore is to see if I can turn my reprap frame into a modular one so that it can reconfigure itself to something like the Printrbot Jr./Simple and the new Bukito printer. The Y gantry would remain the same and all I need to do is just move X gantry around. The only concern I have is if the threaded rods can handle the dynamic load of the moving X Carriage. Only one way to find out.

A major accomplishment today and more problems to fix tommorow!