Saturday, May 25, 2013

Build Log #27 - Nearing the end of my journey

So it's been quite while since I last updated my build log. Finally finished my BOM and spent about 2 weeks getting the assembly guide together. I received a digital camera for my bday and I've been using it heavily ever since I opened it. I've taken at least 300 photos and they all came out great with incredible details. I had a tripod setup to take all the photos but towards the end of the assembly build, the mount broke so I had to draw and print a replacement. Just when I was printing, the hotbed connector burnt out again. I have to replace that connector again and hoping it won't burn down my condo the next time it happens.

By the end of the this month, I plan to release all the files and plans, hoping that someone will pick it up and build one themselves.

Fully built my 3rd printer printed from my 2nd.

Broken tripod mount

Starting the print

Halfway through the print. Can see the breakable support structures

Completed Tripod Replacement

Comparison between the original and 3d printed version

Installing the new tripod mount

Full assembled tripod mount

Another shot at the tripod mount