Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Aluminum 3DPrintMi Released

After spending two years designing, documenting, and refining the 3DPrintMi, I am now releasing the next iteration, Aluminum 3DPrintMi, to the general public. As an open source project, I hope my printer will give those interested the opportunity to build and use a 3D printer with ease. I firmly believe that you learn by doing since that's exactly how I got into 3D printing. No amount of books about 3D printing will prepare you. Just go and get your hands dirty. This design may be like every other reprap 3D printer available except most of my time was invested in the documentation process than the design itself. My main goal was to provide an easy to follow assembly guide along with other pertinent documentations to improve the user experience in building a cool machine and get started as quickly as possible. Please share my design to the world.

Happy Printing, Making, and Innovating!